Five Moons Rising, Meet the Characters: Ruri

No romance is complete without another main character. While Five Moons Rising may be paranormal fiction, there is a strong romantic subplot, and who better to play the counterpoint to dark and brooding Malice than Ruri Samson?

Ruri has been a werewolf for over a century. She knows her place in the world and she’s very content in it. Ruri is her pack’s Beta, and she has a knack for werewolf middle management. While she could probably have been Alpha to her own pack, she is happy in her role as Beta. She gets to do the fun stuff-taking care of her packmates, making sure their situation is stable and comfortable-without any of the pesky challenges and much fewer of the day-to-day dominance games that go along with being Alpha.

Above all, Ruri is responsible, so when things go terribly wrong and her Alpha is killed while her pack torn apart around her, she blames herself. Not only that, but she’s suddenly thrust into the human world as a lone wolf, with no pack bonds to fall back upon, and no experience being on her own in the 21st century. She has no official identity and no legal avenues through which to make money. All she has to keep herself focused is a thirst for revenge against the rogue Alpha who destroyed her life.

And then she crosses paths with Malice…

bel-fivemoonsrisingFive Moons Rising, out June 20, 2017

Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish creatures lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization. The presence of these supranormals (“supras”)—werewolves, vampires, demons—is a closely guarded government secret, as is the existence of a cadre of specially engineered Hunters charged with exterminating them.

Code-named Malice, Hunter Mary Alice Nolan was genetically modified and rigorously trained to use her great strength, heightened senses, and killer instincts to track and eliminate supras who prey on the innocent. A loner by choice, her only real link to the human world is her close connection to her mother and sister—until the unthinkable happens…
Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century and is comfortably situated as the Beta of her peaceful pack. Until she is betrayed by the woman she loves and an evil outsider massacres her Alpha and his most loyal followers. Barely escaping with her life, Ruri is forced to tread the perilous path of a lone wolf while vowing vengeance against the usurper and his minions.

Although these two powerful women should rightfully despise each other, fate will soon compel them to join forces on a dangerous quest to avenge their loved ones—and will ignite a forbidden passion that neither of them ever imagined.

Available directly from Bella Books or Amazon.


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