Fiona has been confined to an exoskeleton for thirteen years, mobile but unable to feel anything below the neck. To her, any risk is worth the opportunity to feel again, and she’s managed to make it happen. The only problem is, she has one night – less than eight hours – to feel everything she has missed. Will it be worth it, or will she end up in a far worse place than where she started?

***Warning, this story is more than a little NSFW. If consensual sex between two women bothers you, do not download it.***

And don’t read it at work, seriously.

Download Touched in PDF.

2 Responses to Touched

  1. Jaylee James says:

    I really loved the concept and was pulled quickly into the world you created. It was hard to enjoy the sex scene though because… It wasn’t entirely consensual? 😕 her host never agreed to have her body used that way. It was super well written and I’d love to read more about Fiona though.


    • lisemactague says:

      Consent, or the lack thereof, is *absolutely* a major theme of the story! I wrote the story to be uncomfortable and to raise questions of consent. Including the sex scene was part of that, though a part I went back and forth on keeping. I wrote the story both ways and ultimately chose to include it as I felt it heightened the discomfort.


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