Free Downloads

I occasionally try my hand at short stories. It’s a struggle for me, as my natural tendency is to write longer stuff. My debut novel was a trilogy, after all. That said, I do have a few. Here are some that I’ve made available as free downloads.


Fiona has been confined to an exoskeleton for thirteen years, mobile but unable to feel anything below the neck. To her, any risk is worth the opportunity to feel again, and she’s managed to make it happen. The only problem is, she has one night – less than eight hours – to feel everything she has missed. Will it be worth it, or will she end up in a far worse place than where she started?

***Warning, this story is more than a little NSFW. If consensual sex between two women bothers you, do not download it.***

And don’t read it at work, seriously.

Download Touched PDF.

Landing Day

Six months after the events in Vortex of Crimson, Jak and Torrin are settling in to their life together on Nadierzda. Torrin is busily trying to get the best present ever for Landing Day, a cross between a celebration of her planet’s founding and Christmas. Her quest for the perfect gift isn’t a smooth one, however. Will she weather setbacks and miscommunication, not to mention her own attempts to find out what Jak has gotten her, as she does her best to make their first Landing Day together the best holiday it can be?

***Warning, portions of this story are rather NSFW. If consensual sex between two women bothers you, do not download it.***

Download Landing Day PDF.