Five Moons Rising, Meet the Characters: Malice

Holy crap, what happened to the time? I knew it had been a bit since  last posted, but I had no clue that was in February!

A lot has happened since then. I’ve been doing some custom work as a result of my Etsy store, so that’s been fun and interesting. It turns out that I’m not very good at estimating prices on first-run objects, so that’s been less good, but it’s meant some more money has been coming in.

I’ve also completed the final draft for my next-next release: Demon in the Machine. I actually sent that in to Bella Books yesterday, and on time no less, so yay there!

I managed to get the page proofs for Five Moons Rising taken care of also, which is good as that one is out in something like six weeks. Six weeks!!! (Or maybe less, I’m apparently not good with how time goes by, as we’ve just now established .)

Oh yeah, and I got a job. No big thing there. (It’s totally a big thing!) I’ve been unemployed since last August, so that one’s really a load off my mind. And no, I’m not making enough money from my writing to do that full time, so I’m safely in the same boat as the majority of the other writers out there.


That’s not what I wanted to talk about today. As I mentioned, Five Moons Rising is out soon, which means I need to tell all of you a bit more about that project, and I thought I’d do that by introducing you to the characters.

So… Malice. How does one explain Malice?

To start, Malice is the code name for Mary Alice Nolan. She is a genetically-modified super soldier who is tasked with keeping the worst elements of the supranormal community in the greater Chicago area under control.

It turns out that our worst nightmares are real, and they inhabit a strange place between myth and real life. Werewolves, vampires, demons, and even faeries live in the seams of human society, doing their best to go undetected , and our government is happy to keep it that way. So happy, in fact, that they created a cadre of soldiers who make sure that those supras who may be on the edge of going rogue are taken out before humanity can confirm their existence.

These soldiers, called Hunters by the supra community, are few and far between. The process for creating them is long, grueling, and often deadly, and that’s just for getting the modifications. Once the Hunters are out in their communities, the mortality rate of their profession is pretty staggering, and there’s a high incidence of destructive behaviors that go along with this. These are people who live with one foot in the human world and the other in the supra world. To say that their lives are highly compartmentalized is an understatement.

Malice has managed to stay ahead of the curve. She isn’t dead, yet. Nor has she fallen into the clutches of addiction, but she doesn’t have the healthiest sex life. Since the establishment of personal relationships is frowned upon by her superiors, she’s coped by having a string of one night stands, but she’s starting to lose interest in those. What keeps her grounded is her relationship with her family. Any familial ties are a rarity among her group, but she’s especially lucky in that her sister lives in town. Her mother, Sophia, lives in New York, but little sister Cassidy moved out to Chicago for university. Mary Alice is as close with Cassidy as she’s able to be. They meet up for dinner or lunch once a week, except during mid-terms and finals.

So when the worst comes to pass, Mary Alice’s carefully balanced life is thrown into disarray. The parts of her life that she’s worked so hard to keep in their separate boxes start to become jumbled together. Her response to the crisis is logical, but not necessarily sane.

In Malice, I’ve created a character who is physically about as strong as she can be, but circumstances have created some pretty glaring weaknesses in her mental and emotional well-being. To a certain extent, she’s aware of these deficiencies, but she ends up in a very dark place as she works to hold together a life that is unraveling around her.

Malice is a take-charge, get-the-job-done kind of woman, but she’s about to find out there’s more to life than completing the task in front of her, and that sometimes even the right choices have devastating consequences.

bel-fivemoonsrisingFive Moons Rising, out June 20, 2017

Unknown to regular citizens, nightmarish creatures lurk in the dark underbelly of human civilization. The presence of these supranormals (“supras”)—werewolves, vampires, demons—is a closely guarded government secret, as is the existence of a cadre of specially engineered Hunters charged with exterminating them.

Code-named Malice, Hunter Mary Alice Nolan was genetically modified and rigorously trained to use her great strength, heightened senses, and killer instincts to track and eliminate supras who prey on the innocent. A loner by choice, her only real link to the human world is her close connection to her mother and sister—until the unthinkable happens…
Ruri Samson has been a werewolf for more than a century and is comfortably situated as the Beta of her peaceful pack. Until she is betrayed by the woman she loves and an evil outsider massacres her Alpha and his most loyal followers. Barely escaping with her life, Ruri is forced to tread the perilous path of a lone wolf while vowing vengeance against the usurper and his minions.

Although these two powerful women should rightfully despise each other, fate will soon compel them to join forces on a dangerous quest to avenge their loved ones—and will ignite a forbidden passion that neither of them ever imagined.

Available directly from Bella Books or Amazon.

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  1. Kerri Bash says:

    That’s a fabulous teaser, Malice is intriguing. Congrats on the job but more on your continued artistic success!!!


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