July is going to be a busy month! I’m heading to a conference, and I’m doing a book reading in Raleigh, and I’m moving. So lots of opportunities for you to hear a reading from Five Moons Rising, my new book. You can also check out the reading I did for The Lesbian Talk Show Podcast. But if you want to hear me live, keep on reading!

gclsI’ll be at the GCLS (that’s the Golden Crown Literary Society) Annual Convention in Chicago next week! I’m really looking forward to this. My first one was last year, and I feel a little better prepared for it this year. At least this time I know to leave room in my luggage for the books I’m going to pick up.

I’m participating in a panel called Not Your Mama’s Paranormal on Thursday, the 6th. This is one I’m really looking forward to. The other panelists are RG Emanuelle, Jeanine Hoffman, D. Jackson Leigh, Alex Westmore, and it’s being moderated by none other than Barbara Ann Wright!

My actual reading is the next day (the 7th for those following along at home). Last year’s experience was great. The audience was super engaged and asked fantastic questions. Best of all, I got to rub elbows with more authors, including the incomparable Lee Lynch (She told me she liked my reading and I about died right there!)

Then of course, there’s the author autograph session. That was fantastic! It was definitely a high point for me, and I’m an introvert. Sessions like that are usually my kryptonite, but the excitement of all the readers rushing around the room to get everyone’s signature, and those who were seeking out their favorite authors, well, it was contagious. I’m looking forward to it again this year.

lgbtlibrarySo that’s GCLS, but that’s not all! I’m doing a reading for the Queer Women’s Book Group at the LGBT Center of Raleigh, or as I like to call it the LGBT Library, since that’s how I know it best. Five Moons Rising is the book for July, so I get to meet with the group, do a reading and chat about the story. It sounds like it’s going to be pretty low key and super fun!

And then the move. We bought a house, so I get to move to my fifth address in five years. My wife promises me this is going to be the last one for a while. So even though I’m sick of moving, I’m excited to be heading to a more permanent address. And there’s the fact that not only am I down to a minimum of stuff (except for my workshop of cosplay-making stuff), I still have the original boxes I moved everything in the past few times. I don’t even have to relabel! So a couple of silver linings there, but I have to try to shoehorn this in around my other stuff.

That’s it for now! Keep it tuned, as I have some exciting news coming up in the next month or so (once the boxes are all unpacked).

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