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Winter’s Moons: the Characters

One of the things I loved about writing Winter’s Moons was the chance to get to know the main characters who are very different, but in such complementary ways. Cassidy Nolan (the young werewolf Alpha sister of a genetically-engineered supersoldier) … Continue reading

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Winter’s Moons: Why a Sidequel

The latest installment in the Five Moons Rising series takes a bit of a jog to the side. I’d originally envisioned the series as a pretty typical trilogy/quadrilogy. Then I needed to figure out what happened in Chicago during the six months that Malice and Ruri spent trapped in the land of the fae. Continue reading

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Breaking Out Sneak Peek

My latest novel drops in February, 2021. Breaking Out is the story of Adrienne Pierce and KJ Stennes, two women who really rub each other the wrong way when Adrienne joins the local women’s rec hockey team in Sussburg, PA. … Continue reading

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