Landing Day – Chapter 3

The third installment in my Jak and Torrin happy little holiday story. This one is rather NSFW, so maybe wait until you get home to read it. 😀

The final chapter will be up on December 23rd. I can’t wait!

Chapter 3

Nadierzda’s hot dry air passed around Torrin, stealing the moisture from her skin. Even at higher altitudes, it was warm enough that she needed only the bare minimum of clothing against the cold. A light jacket and pants of the same wind-resistant material kept her plenty warm, and protected her from the ever-present sand. She wasn’t going higher than the rim of the crater, after all. Jak wasn’t too far from Landing. A quick call to Olesya had confirmed that Jak was out in her ultralight, so she wasn’t going as far as the cliffs. Those she could land on with a glider, then take off again. The ultralight was necessary when landing on the flats away from the crater walls.

It helped to have friends in higher places among Nadi’s armed forces. Usually, Jak’s location wasn’t noised about too much. She’d impressed upon the Ruling Council the need to be more circumspect about military communication. The most massive breech of Nadi’s secrets in all of her history had come from one of their own, one on the highest echelons of Nadi’s then-militia. Tanith’s betrayal and subsequent death had shaken everyone. Worst of all, with her demise there was no way of knowing how badly, if at all, they’d been compromised.

So yes, Torrin understood and even approved of the tightened security measures. She just didn’t understand why they were being applied to her. Fortunately, Olesya was willing to bend the rules and check up on Jak for her, but when the Banshees were out of town, Torrin had to rely upon other methods.

Her stomach churned on the edge of queasiness. If only they knew what Tanith had said and to whom. The changes being implemented for their security had caused more than one of the planet’s more isolationist factions to call foul. Surprisingly, her mother hadn’t been among them. Perhaps it was that Irenya had known Tanith. At times, Tanith had practically lived at their house when Torrin was a girl. Or maybe it was that Irenya liked Jak more than she’d anticipated. They were very similar in many ways, and Torrin’s mother had found out quickly how much they had in common. Torrin had never known two people who could be so happy sitting together quietly in a room without ever speaking, and yet those two did exactly that. Sometimes Jak went over to Irenya and Raisa’s house to not talk to them.

As if the thoughts had summoned her, Torrin spied the long wings of an ultralight against the long grass up ahead. She made note of the location and landed her glider a little way off, hoping Jak hadn’t noticed her. There was still the chance she might surprise her lover.

As she usually did, Jak had concealed herself among a stand of the scrubby and gnarled plants that passed for trees here. She might not say so, but Torrin suspected Jak missed the majestic forests of her home world. Nadierzda’s trees were poor examples of the species, twisted and scoured as they were by the constant dust-laden wind. One day in the not-too-distant future, they would finish terraforming this world. If Torrin had anything to say about it, she would make certain there were trees from Haefen among the new species introduced to the planet.

She kept her eyes on the ground, trying to avoid stepping on the branches and dead leaves that gathered in the underbrush. At the same time, she kept an eye out for Jak. She couldn’t be much further out now.

Torrin peered through the screen of branches ahead and took another stealthy step forward. So far she’d been almost soundless. This time she’d sneak up on Jak for sure.

Her foot came down on something hard and Torrin recoiled before the branch broke. She reached out to a nearby bush steady herself. A small blizzard of yellow leaves rained down around her as the limbs of the bush rustled violently.

A muffled snort from behind her made Torrin’s shoulders tense. “Damn,” she said quietly. She turned, a rueful smile plastered on her face. “Surprise!”

Jak grinned down at her from her perch halfway up a tree. Torrin’s heart felt like it expanded to twice its normal size, filling her with happiness and making it difficult to breathe for a moment. It had only been five days, yet Torrin drank in Jak’s features as if they hadn’t seen each other for months.

Jak’s blue eyes laughed at her from her tan face. She wasn’t outside as often as she used to be, but you couldn’t tell that from her skin tone. Her hair had grown out a bit, from the severe buzz cut she favored. It was barely long enough to show a little curl, which meant she’d likely be cutting it soon. The curls framed Jak’s face and softened the line of her jaw, but Jak only saw untidiness.

“Were you trying to sneak up on me again, my sweet?” Jak asked.

“Can a woman be blamed for wanting to surprise the love of her life?”

“Is that what that was?” Jak’s eyes rounded out in a look of shock. “You’re getting better, then. I only heard you from half a kilometer away this time.”

Torrin narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Jak’s faint praise. During the past six months, Jak had developed a sense of humor drier than Nadi’s air. Torrin couldn’t always tell when she was joking, and Jak was too high up the tree to see if there was a damning crinkle lurking at the corner of her left eye.

“Are you going to come down and give me a proper hello, or not?”

“Yes, dearest.” Jak swarmed down the tree in far less time than should have been possible. Her feet had barely touched the ground before she was throwing herself into Torrin’s open arms.

Torrin closed her arms around Jak, reveling in the way their bodies molded together. This was the best part of coming home. Hells, this was coming home. Jak’s arms around her would be home on any planet in the galaxy.

Jak nuzzled into her neck, kissing the exposed flesh above the neckline of Torrin’s light jacket. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Jak-baby.” Torrin leaned down and captured Jak’s lips. They moved with yielding softness against hers before growing rougher, demanding more from their kiss.

“Let’s get out of here,” Jak growled when their searing kiss finally ended. “I need you.”

“I’m not waiting that long.” Torrin pulled Jak’s shirt out of her pants, then slid one hand up the sides of Jak’s torso.

Jak tried to push her hands down, but Torrin was having none of it.

“We can’t do that out here,” Jak hissed while trying to corral Torrin’s roaming hands. “It’s indecent.”

Torrin couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her. Jak could still be so delightfully stuffy. The sexual mores of Nadi’s women made Haefen look like they were stuck in Earth’s first Dark Ages. She’d come a long way, but there were times when Torrin was reminded of where Jak started out.

“Why not?” Torrin asked. “Who’s going to see us? An antelope? Do you care that much what antelopes think of you?”

“What if someone flies by?”

“They aren’t going to see anything through the canopy.” Torrin skimmed her hands along the undersides of Jak’s breasts.

Jak gasped and closed her eyes. “The ground is…messy.”

“We’ll brush ourselves off after.” Jak’s nipples pebbled instantly through the fabric of her bra when Torrin dragged her thumbs lightly over them.

Jak reached up and grabbed Torrin’s forearms. “We’ll get cold.” She made no attempt to move Torrin’s hands, rather she seemed determined to keep them right where they were.

“I’ll keep you warm.” Torrin continued her assault on Jak’s nipples. She lightly took Jak’s earlobe between her teeth and bit down gently. Jak arched against her, moaning deep in her throat. Her ears were wonderfully sensitive, and Torrin lavished attention on them, never tiring of the response she drew from Jak. Torrin would have laughed at the whimper of disappointment from Jak when Torrin withdrew one hand from her breast, except she had more important things to concern herself with.

She undid the fasteners on Jak’s pants with the deftness of much repetition. Jak thrust her hips against her hand, seeking more. Torrin moved her hand to rest on the outside of her pants and shifted with Jak’ motions, denying the friction she sought. Jak growled low in her chest and grabbed Torrin’s ass with both hands, holding her there while she ground herself against the hand trapped between them.

“Patience,” Torrin breathed.

“Screw patience,” Jak growled back.

Torrin thrilled at the words, the tone and the way Jak kept rubbing against her. Jak had totally abandoned herself to their lovemaking. She was so wet, and getting wetter with every move of Jak’s. The dampness that had been accumulating between Torrin’s thighs had long since soaked through her underwear. A part of her wondered if it had soaked through her shipsuit also.

She reclaimed her hand and slid it down the front of Jak’s underwear. Jak groaned and angled her hips so Torrin’s fingers speared through the thatch of unruly hair and straight into her opening. She was so wet there was no resistance whatsoever and Torrin suddenly found her fingers encased in Jak’s damp heat. Jak cried out high and thin, the sound music to Torrin’s ears. Her knees buckled and so did Torrin’s.

Locked together, they swayed for a moment, Jak beyond caring, Torrin nearly so. With herculean effort, Torrin locked her knees and backed Jak up until she was supported from behind by a tree.

She slid another finger to join the other two. Her eyes rolled up at the powerful contractions squeezing her fingers. There wasn’t much room to thrust in the confines of Jak’s underwear, but that didn’t seem to matter. Jak cried out from even the tiniest movement, straining back against Torrin, her muscles tightening with each shout.

Torrin’s own excitement was reaching its pinnacle. Her center throbbed in response to each of Jak’s cries. With every squeeze around her fingers, she got closer to her own climax.

Unable to stand it any longer, but unwilling to come before Jak, Torrin did the only thing she could think of. She took the delicate skin of Jak’s neck and bit down, giving herself something other than the arousal screaming through her to concentrate on. Jak cried out at the pressure on her neck. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around Torrin’s waist and impaling herself deeply on Torrin’s hand.

She was almost there. Torrin only had to hold on for a little longer. Her jaw flexed at the impossibility of holding off her orgasm, when Jak stiffened around her, head thrown back and eyes staring blankly at the branches above their heads. She exhaled once, twice, then groaned long and loud, shaking with the strength of her release.

Torrin froze, her limbs shaking to match Jak’s. Her climax rolled over her, taking everything with it. She was falling, drifting outside of her body.

She came back to herself flat on her back, Jak lying on top of her and gazing down with a soft smile lighting up her face.

“You’re a little…messy,” Jak said. She plucked a small leaf out of Torrin’s hair.

“I had other things to worry about.” Torrin grinned up at Jak. She knew it was goofy, but couldn’t bring herself to care in the least.

“You’re going to get messier.” Jak’s smile was no longer soft.

“Oh dear, however will I cope?” Torrin laughed, then gasped. When had Jak opened the front of her shipsuit?

Some time later, Torrin lay on her back, looking up at the tops of the trees. Her head was nestled in the crook of Jak’s shoulder. Jak’s arms was wrapped around her, holding her loosely in place. Her arms and legs were heavy with complete relaxation, and she almost didn’t mind the tree root digging into the small of her back. Moving would mean leaving Jak’s arms, and she wasn’t prepared to do so quite yet.

“How was your trip?” Jak asked.

“Mixed,” Torrin said.

“That doesn’t sound good. What went wrong?”

“Nothing went wrong, exactly. I got the merchandise, but I also found out my particulars have been passed along to another non-League station. This one was a boil on the back end of beyond, and they still had it.”

“I’m sorry, baby-baren.” Jak ran her fingers through Torrin’s hair. “What does that mean for you?”

“If means more for us than it does for me.” Torrin grinned crookedly, trying to sound upbeat. “You’ll be seeing a lot more of me. I’d say I’m now officially grounded.”

“I won’t pretend I’m upset about that.” Jak’s voice was quiet. “But I wish you felt better about it.”

“I don’t feel bad about the idea of spending more time with you.” Torrin hastened to head off any misunderstanding on Jak’s part. “And I don’t feel bad about the rest of it, at least not precisely.” She trailed off as she examined her feelings. Jak said nothing. She merely waited for Torrin.

“I’m worried about being bored, I guess,” Torrin finally said. “My work with Troika is all well and good, but the aboveboard stuff won’t keep me occupied for long.”

“So find some more things to do.”

“I do have some ideas.” Torrin maneuvered herself around to get a better look at her lover’s face. “There’s you for one.”

Jak laughed, her teeth flashing white in the shadows under the trees. “We can’t spend all our time in bed. We’ll be horribly malnourished and at some point they’ll miss us at work.”

Torrin stuck out her bottom lip in a mock pout. “Well, if you’re going to be that way about it… I was thinking, maybe, eventually, I’d get into politics.”

Jak raised her eyebrows, though she didn’t seem overly surprised. She nodded slowly. “I can see that. You’d be good at it. People like you, and they respect you.”

“And I’ve seen enough out there in the galaxy. I know why what we do and are on Nadi is important, and why we need to keep doing it.”

“You don’t need to convince me.” Jak dropped a kiss on Torrin’s forehead. “I’m already in your corner.”


“So what are you going to do until then?”

Torrin looked at Jak inquiringly.

“You said eventually, remember?” Jak said.

“That’s up to you.” Torrin paused and licked her lips. “I thought maybe we could do more family stuff.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“You’ve been a little cagey about it when I tried bringing it up.”

“Not cagey,” Torrin said. “Careful. I wanted to make sure we’d be okay being us.”

“And did I pass your test?” Jak’s face was studiously neutral, but there was no disguising the edge to her question.

“I wasn’t testing you.” Torrin grabbed one of Jak’s hands between both of hers. “I was testing me.”

“That doesn’t sound much better.”

“What? Of course that’s better-“ Torrin sat halfway up when she realized what she’d unwittingly implied. “Oh.”

“Yeah. You have about three seconds to explain what that means, Torrin Ivanov.”

Jak had been spending far too much time with Torrin’s mother. The words and tone were classic Irenya.

“Jak, sweetie, I love you. You know I do. I would never cheat on you.” That out of the way, Torrin took a deep breath. “I knew after what Mori did that my world was going to get a lot smaller. I wanted to make sure I’d be all right, that I wouldn’t turn into a horrible person to be around.” She looked Jak square in the eyes. “I wanted to be worthy of you.”

“I see.” Jak seemed somewhat mollified. “And what did your test teach you?”

“That I’ll be fine. It’ll take some getting used to, but nothing could be better than being at your side. I want to share everything with you.” Torrin grinned. “I want to have your babies, or you to have mine, or whatever combination we come up with. We’ll make amazing daughters, and I can’t wait to meet them.”

“One of each, I think,” Jak said. At Torrin’s perplexed look, she elaborated. “I’ll have one of yours and you’ll have one of mine.”

“So you’re okay with it?”

“Of course I am. I do have one condition, however.”


“I want us to get married.”

“If that’s what you want, then of course I’m up for it.” Marriage wasn’t practiced universally by the couples on Nadierzda. Maybe half of them got married, and for varying lengths of time. Torrin would have been fine either way, but if Jak wanted a wedding, Torrin would make sure she got one.

“Permanently married, though. I don’t want one of those five-year marriage contracts. I plan to be with you always.”

“And I do with you. It never occurred to me that you’d want anything less. I certainly don’t.”

“Good.” Jak withdrew her arm from around Torrin and stood. She offered Torrin a hand up, then started picking small twigs and leaves out of Torrin’s hair.

“What’s the rush?”

“I want to get you home where I can spend more time on you. I mean with you.”

She picked up her jacket. “And if we talk to Kiera soon, we can get in to see her before Landing Day. You know your moms will be happy to hear we’re thinking of giving them granddaughters.” Jak swung the jacket around her shoulders. Something fell out of one pocket, but she pounced on it and tucked it away before Torrin could see what it was.

“What was that?” Torrin pointed to the pocket where Jak had hidden the object.

“Never you mind,” Jak said, lightly slapping her hand away. “I didn’t pry into the mysterious cargo you had to get on this trip.”

“Fine,” Torrin grumbled. Her curiosity burned within her, and she grabbed Jak and tugged her in for a hug.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jak said when she realized Torrin was trying to feel the shape of object through her jacket. She pushed Torrin away.

It wasn’t like Torrin could make out what it was, since she hadn’t been able to get her hands near it. “I only wanted to give you a hug before we head home.”

“A likely story.” Jak pointed Torrin back toward her glider. “I’ll be right there to tow you into the air.”

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Jak, Torrin, and Nat are characters from my series On Deception’s Edge. The trilogy is complete and available from Amazon and/or Bella Books.

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