Review of Depths of Blue

The new year is already cranking. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through January! At this rate, we’ll be at the end of 2016 before I know it.

I have exciting things planned for this year, if I don’t blink and miss it, that is. I’ll tell you all about that in an upcoming post, I promise. My one and only New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to post here a *minimum* of once a month, but I’m shooting to post twice-monthly. No, this post doesn’t count! I have some things I need to mull over in a public forum, because what better place is there for such things?

To tide you over, since I know you’re absolutely frothing at the mouth to know what’s going on in my writing life, I wanted to let you know I’ve received a fabulous review from The Lesbian Review (.com). I’ve never had anything I’ve done called brilliant before, and yet, Depths of Blue was called just that!

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the quote: “This novel is absolutely brilliant. I am ecstatic to find out that she has already written book two in the series and that she is busy with another novel.” More nice things that were said include “This is absolutely a must-read novel. It has everything you could want in a novel including: a decent length, fantastic writing, a good pace, an unexpected turn or two, great characters and a romance.” and “Lise MacTague has a really refreshing take on this genre. Her world is well created and different enough to make it interesting.”

You heard it here first, and you’ll hear more, from me anyway.

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