Heights of Green out in November 2015

I’m pleased to announce that the sequel to Depths of Blue will be coming out in November of this year. Heights of Green picks up where Depths left off.

Here’s the blurb: TorBEL-HeightsGreen_2rin Ivanov’s homecoming wasn’t the smooth, triumphant process she’d imagined. She almost killed her girlfriend Jak Stowell in their escape and now that they’re planetside, the intrigue of her business occupies all her time.

Jak believed the lies Torrin told her, that things would be better when she got home. Shocked and betrayed, Jak dedicates herself to training militia-women, spending her days as far away from Torrin as possible. But Jak’s new friends have their own agendas and her internal compass has gone haywire, severely compromising her safety in the field.

When a militia member dies and Jak disappears, Torrin begins a desperate race against time—this time around, Jak’s life depends on her.

For more information, check out the Bella Books website.


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