Depths of Blue pushed back

The release date of my debut novel, Depths of Blue, has been pushed back a couple of months. It is now coming out on April 20th.

Originally, I was rather bummed at this development, but now that I’ve been through the editing process, I’m actually quite pleased. Pushing the release date back has given me the time to really get into those edits. The editing process has been challenging, but totally worth it. With the keen eye and completely objective pen of Medora McDougall, I am confident to say that Depths has been polished to a high luster.

Of course, the edits have had some ripple effects, and while Depths goes through the layout process, I’ve been making some revisions to the manuscript of its sequel: Heights of Green, all while finishing up the final draft of the third novel of the trilogy, and continuing work on a new story.

I’ll be posting a unique sneak peek of Depths in the next few weeks, so be sure to stick around.

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